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Posted by David Fain Nov 1, 2017 7:00:00 AM

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Making use of an online or digital test generator is a great way to streamline the creation of tests and surveys, keep track of test taker data, and administer tests securely to people anywhere in the world. With Test Shop's TG Web, options to either purchase our web service outright or subscribe on an annual basis adds additional flexibility, and can allow you to choose a pricing model and feature set that works well for your particular needs.

Curious about the benefits of subscribing to our software? Here are a few key benefits that you might want to consider when choosing how you want to purchase. 

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1. Support Services & Free Updates Come With a Subscription to Our Online Test Generator

If you intend to use your test generation solution for multiple years, a subscription will ensure that you get quality support with any questions you might have, for as long as you maintain your subscription. This includes expedited phone, email, and online support for any questions you may have, and expert technical and product assistance to help ensure that you can move smoothly from purchase to deployment. If your organization requires a special appearance or feature set for your software, customization options are available.

You will also be eligible for free updates to new versions of the service, ensuring you never go without the latest features our online test generator has to offer. If you want a user-friendly test software experience that offers lots of support and features, subscribing to TG Web is an excellent choice.

2. The Subscription Plan Adds Flexibility for Choosing Where to Host Your Software

Both by buying TG Web outright and by subscribing, you will get your choice of either hosting your test creation platform on Test Shop's servers or hosting it on your own. If you are unsure of which option to pick, contact us for assistance in choosing.

A benefit of subscribing to TG Web is that if you initially decide to host your platform on our servers, you can later migrate to servers of your own. This can be a good option for companies expecting to expand in the future, and who might later want to retain all the information relating to their tests on their own servers. Note that while this added flexibility is nice to have, it does not affect the features of your test generation software. Whether your platform is hosted on our servers or your own, you will have access to the same test authoring and media bank capabilities, as well as the rest of the features included in your plan.

3. Subscription Plans for Our Online Test Generator Include Two Hours of Training

While our multiple choice test generator software is intuitive for newcomers, it also offers a host of more advanced options that users may want to try. These allow you to perform tasks like question randomization, publishing tests to a separate learning management system platform, enabling advanced security options to protect tests, and more.

By subscribing to TG Web, you will receive two hours of personalized online training, which you can use to dig into features or services you want a little help fully mastering. These sessions are recorded, and then provided to you as both a stream and a download, so you will be able to revisit your sessions as many times as you like. This service can help you create better tests in less time, and is an excellent reason to purchase the software as a subscription.

Do you want software to help you generate employee test or survey questions?

Contact Test Shop today to learn more about our purchase and subscription options!

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