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Test Generator: Testing Made Easy

Powerful online test maker designed to help you streamline the entire process from test creation, delivery and administration to generating reports and analyzing results. 

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Challenges we can solve together

Online testing and assessment poses unique challenges for enterprise businesses, educational institutions and government bodies. Employees, partners and providers need the right skills to do their job, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements. Paper tests are cumbersome and much off-the-shelf software does not fit all your requirements.

Learn more about Testshop and how our powerful software, flexible licensing and wide range of services can help kick-start your testing project today.

  • icon_1Test user at diferrent geographics locations
  • icon_2Deliver  test via the web, LAN or individual PCs
  • icon_3Conduct the same test in multiple languages
  • icon_4Integrate testing software with your existing IT systems
  • icon_5Seemlessly combine computer and paper testing
  • icon_6Customize testing to your individual requirements
  • icon_7Meet high security and authentication levels
  • icon_8Comply with government regulations and policies

A customized,cost-effective testing solution

Powerful Software

Testshop offers world-class testing software with all the features you need to deliver reliable, interactive tests for different types of users.

Rely on the best and choose Testshop to meet all of your testing requirements.

Deployment Options

We provide you with the option to deliver your tests via web, LAN, PC and even paper, so you can reach users in different locations and settings.

Adjust your solutions to your organization’s realities and policies.

Flexible Licensing

Unlike other testing software, TestShop comes with flexible licensing options that eliminate per-user, per-administrator and per-test charges

Let us find a licensing model that fits your budget.

Great Service

We have over 20 years of experience designing, deploying and delivering comprehensive testing solutions for customer across dozens of industries.

Rely on Test Shop for everything from inception to reporting.

Solving your industry specific challenges

military and government training


Test soldiers and security forces at home and overseas on the use of force, weapons and evidence on a private network and over the Internet.

operator qualification training


Test onshore and offshore employees and contractors on operation qualifications regarding maintenance of distribution system and their mechanics to improve safety.

healthcare nursing education


Test nurses and medical personnel for specific patient populations including drug interactions, infection control, procedures and policies.



Deliver tests to police and fire departments on security procedures for scenarios surrounding fire conditions, hazardous material, use and maintenance of equipment.

All the Features you need

Different questions types

With over ten question types, from multiple choice to interactive video, you can customize tests to your specific goals. No need to learn any code.


Test Generator's randomization engine includes 7+ randomization options to help test authors protect against cheating and extend the shelf-life of their tests.  Contact us to schedule a demo.

LDAP/Active Directory

Integrate user authentication and management with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP. Reduce administrative overhead and aid compliance with IT policies.

Administrator notification

Administrators can receive email notification when users start and finish a test, or when certain test criteria are met. Stay on top of all testing facets with little effort.

Different media types

Incorporate photos, illustrations and videos and 10 other different media types in your test. Improve the test experience and accuracy.

Paper Testing

Print test on paper, deliver them manually to users, and scan the results without having to purchase a scanner. Integrate the best of both worlds.