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Test Generator: Testing Made Easy

Powerful online test and quiz maker designed to help you streamline the entire process from test creation, delivery and administration to generating reports and analyzing results. 

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Challenges we can solve together

Finding the right test generator can be challenging--there’s a lot to consider: technology, licensing and hosting to name a few.

How do you get from where you are now to an online testing solution that's easy to manage and yet powerful enough to satisfy our ever-changing technology?

Oh yes, and then there’s migration, integration and possibly customization.  You need a company that will help guide you through the process, be there to support and train you--and pick up the phone when you call.

  • icon_1Test users wherever they may be
  • icon_2Deliver tests via the Web, LAN or individual PCs
  • icon_3Conduct the same test in multiple languages
  • icon_4Integrate testing software with your existing IT systems
  • icon_5Seemlessly combine computer and paper testing
  • icon_6Customize testing to your individual requirements
  • icon_7Meet high security and authentication levels
  • icon_8Comply with government regulations and policies

A Customizable Test Maker

Powerful Software

The confidence in knowing you won't outgrow your online testing system.  The convenience of organizing your test content in question banks.  The flexibility of designing tests with a mix of features and behaviors.  The ability to deliver testing when and where you want.  The peace of mind knowing your testing system is reliable.

Deployment Options

Flexible test delivery options so that you can reach your audience over the Web, LAN, Desktop or Mobile.

Need to print and deliver paper tests? We can do that too.

We can adjust to meet your test delivery challenges. 


Flexible and Cost Effective

We DO NOT charge per  * Tests Created - create as many as you wish.  * Tests Taken - give as many as you wish  * Users- register as many as you wish  * Admins - add as many as you wish * Test Data - we don't meter your test data storage  * Support - a support subscription is included with every purchase

Great Service

Earning your trust and confidence in our products, customer support and technical services is a very important part of what we do.  We recognize that your testing program is mission critical and downtime is not an option.  We're available by phone or chat, and we offer expedited email and online training and support. 

Solving your industry specific challenges



US Armed Forces: enlisted and career personnel.  Skills development testing across a variety of training programs ranging from security services, maintenance, air traffic control, leadership.  Standardization and Evaluation (Stan/Eval).

operator qualification certification


Organizations involved in exploration, production, refining and distribution of energy products. Operator Qualification (OQ) testing is crucial for personnel tasked with operating and maintaining energy systems.  High-stakes testing: collecting, analyzing and acting on test outcomes is crucial in managing risk and complying with state and federal regulations.

nclex test review


Baccalaureate, graduate and post-graduate health care programs, practicing healthcare personnel in clinical and hospital settings, curriculum-based testing, pre-certification practice exams and annual certification exams ranging from infection control to policies and procedures.  

emergency services


City, state and federal emergency services: EMT, paramedics, police and fire fighting personnel. Skills assessment and high-stakes testing.

All the Features you need

Different questions types

11+ Question Types.  Test authors can easily create tests using a single question type or any combination question types—no coding required.  Learn more...


6+ randomization options to help extend the life of your tests by making it more difficult for test takers to recognize item sequences and share test questions.  Learn more...

LDAP/Active Directory

Integrate user authentication and management with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP. Reduce administrative overhead and aid compliance with IT policies.

Question Banking

Organize your questions into question bank folders.  Organized them using whatever classification system works for you.  Easily create new tests by importing items from one or multiple question banks.  Learn more...  

Different media types

Select from any combination of 14+ media types to enhance your test content.  Media can be imported and organized into variou media banks and then used multiple times within a single test or added to multiple tests organized one or many courses.  Learn more...

Paper Testing

Flexible test delivery options for organizations that require both web-based testing and the ability to print and deliver paper tests to test takers who do not have computer access.  TG’s TGScan option, enables you to scan and grade answer sheets automatically.