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Test Generator Tutorials

Learning More About TG

We offer a range of TG-related  information resources for both technical and non-technical users.  These tutorials, and many more, will continue to be added to and updated.  If you can't locate what you are looking for, please contact us, we're here to help.  

Customers are eligible for online training as well as training sessions ranging from best practices to in-depth discussions about how best to integrate Test Generator’s features to match your testing policies. 

Introduction to TG

A general introduction to Test Generator.  Topics include: Features, Installation, Creating and Taking a Test and Technical information.  Learn More

Question Types

An overview of the 11+ question types available in Test Generator.  In addition to the examples presented here, there are variations of the question types to help extend a test author's set of choices.  Learn More.


In order for your testing audience to be able to take a test they must first have a user profile in Test Generator.  This tutorial provides an overview of the various methods for adding, enrolling and managing your testing audience profiles.  Learn More

The Basics

In order to perform the steps outlined in this tutorial… You have successfully downloaded the TG installation file: Free Trial. You have successfully installed TG on your computer. You can log in to TG and view the home page.  Schedule a demo.

TG Reports Tutorial

TG Reports enables test administrators to view and analyze a variety of reports. Reports can be viewed on screen, printed or exported.

These reports provide a broad range of information organized by student, test, class, question, subject and more.  Learn More

Math & Scientific Notation

This tutorial describes how to create, edit and publish math and scientific notation in TG.

This is an overview and does not pretend to be an exhaustive review of the topic.
We encourage our customers to build on the basics and develop their own library of related information.

Learn More

About Web Tester

This tutorial is designed for individuals who:
* Are not familiar with taking tests on a computer…
Are not familiar with the Web Tester…
Have not had an opportunity to log in to TG's Web Tester. Schedule a demo.

Question Banks 

Test Generator's Question Bank module is a repository for questions. Test authors can create, store and manage one or many question banks. Question banks can by organized by subject, objective, level of difficulty, grade and question type - any classification system they choose.
Learn More.

Test Generator Blog

Testing information on a variety of topics can be found under the Blog section of our website.  We invite you to contribute your experience and insights to our Test Generator community.  Guest blogs are welcome.