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Question Types
Enhancing Your Test Authoring Options

Multiple Choice and Much More

Test Generator includes more than 11 question types. From these choices, test authors can create variations of what are considered “traditional”, multiple choice questions. 

There are lots of test authoring possibilities!

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Essay Questions

TG's Essay question type can be used to construct critical thinking questions where the test taker’s response might be in the form of a number, letter, phrase or sentence, followed by an explanation of how they arrived at their answer. 

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True-False questions can be enhanced to include a true and a false phrase or sentence. 

Question Types

Test authors can use our test maker to create a test using any combination of these question types.  Learn more.

  • Multiple Choice 
  • Check Boxes 
  • True/False 
  • Fill in the Blanks 
  • Short Answer 
  • Ordering 
  • Point and Click 
  • Essays 
  • Numeric 
  • Likert 
  • Matching 


Importing Questions

These types of questions can be created manually or imported from a TG-friendly .csv, .xls, .txt or .xml file.

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 Question Banks

Add one or several question into one or multiple question banks.  Question types can be organized into individual question banks--by type, or your question banks can include as many different question types as you'd like!

Short Answer and Numeric

Short Answer and Numeric questions can also be designed as variations of the fill-in-the-blank question type.