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Importing  Questions
into Test Generator

Question Banks, Tests from Excel, RTF, Text, XML

Question Banks and Tests 

Test Generator's import feature enables you to import your questions (items) into one or multiple questions banks.  Your content can also be imported directly into a test; however, as a best practice, we recommend organizing your content into question banks--first, and then adding items from one or multiple question banks into a test.

Sample Import Files

Here are some sample, TG-friendly import files for your review -- when prompted, please SAVE the file to your desktop. Download Samples.

Files include

  • tg-import_sample1 – a simple TG-friendly file with 7 basic question parameters

  • tg-import_sample2 -  contains “Reference Text” and “Notes” parameters

  • tg-import_sample3 – contains all the supported question parameters

  • 5_question-test – rtf file format  support multiple choice, checkboxes and t/f questions

  • 1_question-test_w-feedback – rtf file format, single question with feedback (fb) parameter.

Excel Import Process

1- Save/add your test items into the attached excel file or first try to import the existing file per the instructions outlined in the tutorial. 

2- Add your test items to the same excel file or save a new copy of the file, naming it whatever you wish.

Note: save the file in a directory that is easy to access -- for example, create a directory under My Documents.  Name the directory "Questions" or "TG Questions", under My Documents. 

3- Add your items to the excel file -- we suggest adding a few (3 to 5) questions to start and then try importing them into TG per the instructions in the tutorial.

Once you get the hang of it, you can import the remaining items into TG. 

4- Best Practice: If you haven’t already done so, we recommend reviewing the TG Help topics under Question Banks > Test Generator Question Bank. 

5- Best Practice: We also strongly recommend reviewing the TG Help topics under Tests > Tests: Review Before You Publish

Test Import Tutorial

Here's a short tutorial describing one import method  For more details and a demonstration of other methods, please contact us.