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Importing Options
Question Banks, Tests, Media Banks, Users

Flexibility and Choice 

TG's importing options are designed to save time by streamlining the importing of test content.  Whether you are creating new test content or migrating content from another testing platform into TG, TG has the importing tools to help make this process easy.


  • Questions into TG's Question Bank module
  • Questions into a test
  • Media assets into TG Media Bank
  • TG tests from off-network TG admin clients
  • Users into TG's Users module

Import File Formats

  • For Questions: .csv, .txt and .xls, rtf and xml
  • For Media: .wav, .mid, .mp3 .txt .pdf .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .swf .avi, .mpg, .mov
  • For Users: .csv, .txt, or .xls
    Option: TG's AD/LDAP plug-in

Question Banks 

Test authors can also import questions, from one or multiple question banks, into a test, manually or by using Test Generator's Test Wizard.  Questions can also be imported into question banks using the file formats described above.

Media Banks

The is a repository for everything from ".jpg" to ".txt" files.  You can import and organize your media in one or multiple media folders by file type, subject or whatever category suits your requirements. 

Your imported media can be used with any of TG's question types.  This makes it possible to use the same media file with different questions, across multiple tests.  Media can also be used as a form of question-specific feedback.

Test Import Tutorial

Here's a short tutorial describing one import method  For more details and a demonstration of other methods, please contact us.