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Test Generator 
Security Features

Protecting Your Tests and Test Data

Test Generator’s security policies and permissions were designed knowing how vitally important it is for you to protect your test content.  No one gets in unless you, the test administrator, allow it. 

Online Testing Login

Each Administrator, Instructor, and Student is assigned a unique login with: UserID and Password. Test-taker logins only work in the Tester Module. Administrators can disable test-taker logins at any time.

AD/LDAP Plugin

TG's AD/LDAP plug-in to manage user authentication   Learn more.

Test Question Randomization

Randomize questions and answers.  Six + randomization options to choose from.  Print copies of tests can also be randomized. 

Restrict Access: Date & Time

Choose a start and stop date for each test.  Set a test time limit: hh:mm:ss. 

Permit Testing

Activate and/or deactivated tests as needed.. 

Disable Print Screen & Copy/Paste

Prevent test-taker access to Print Screen and Copy/Paste keyboard options. 

Enforce Secure Testing

A Windows or web browser option that "locks" a test-taking window. The Ctrl / Alt keys, Print Screen, Close button, Copy/Paste are all disabled. This feature is a separate add-on utility.  Learn more.

Proctoring: Dual Login

If enabled, a test taker can't take a test without a test proctor login. 

Forward Only

Test navigation is restricted to forward only and the Summary (Q-List) button is disabled during testing. 

Accept Only First Answer

The test taker can change their answer as long as they remain on the same question screen. Once they navigate to another question, they can't change the previous question.  Learn more.