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Test Generator Properties
Test Settings: Randomization

Randomization Engine

Whether creating tests, exams, assessments, papers, quizzes or surveys, Test Generator enables test authors to apply a range of randomization options to a test. 


Choose from multiple randomization settings.  You can define the number, order and grouping of questions presented in your tests.  Randomization can be individualized based on your audience, type of test or testing environment, computer lab, proctored testing environment or home.   

Test Wizard 

n addition to the randomizing of questions and answers in a test.  Test Generator's Test Wizard enables you to create a test and randomly select X question banks and then select X questions from each question bank.

Randomization Options

Your choice from a variety of randomization options:

answer randomization2

All: Select every question in this section.
Or randomly select....
  • A subset of test questions from a set of X total test questions
  • X subjects from the set of subjects contained in the test.
  • The same number of questions from each subject in a test.
  • X subjects in a test, and then select X questions from each subject 
  • A subset of questions from each subject set.

Randomize Answers

You can randomize answers for Multiple Choice, Check Boxes, Ordering and Likert question-types.

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Section Randomization 

You can create tests containing multiple sections.  Each section contains randomization properties allowing you to randomize each section or individual sections.