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Safeguarding  Your Test Content

Secure Online Test Delivery

SecureTG is a custom browser (not IE, Firefox or Chrome) through which secureTG-enabled tests can be delivered.  The testing audience may include current or prospective employees, trainees or registrants who interested in your testing content.  

Ideal for high-stakes testing for certification, promotion and graduation exams.  


  • Emergency Services
  • Healthcare
  • State and Federal Government
  • Energy: Operator Qualifiation Testing
  • Security Organizations


There are various SecureTG "flavors" that can be customized based on your requirements.  

SecureTG can be launched from a Windows desktop computer, Surface Laptop or Mac computer.

SecureTG Behaviors

The resulting web screen opens in a "locked" state. Test takers cannot:

  • Access the Start button
  • Access the screens taskbar
  • Open another application
  • Select Alt + Tab key is disabled
  • Perform Copy/Paste
  • Activate Print Screen
  • Enable the navigation keys
  • Exit the secure browser screen


Proctored or non-proctored testing environments:

  • Corporate or Academic Classrooms
  • Off-site Field Offices
  • Remote Off-shore Platforms
  • Home