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Test Generator
Updates / Upgrades Policy

TG Version and Release

Latest version: TG2.4.20
Release:  r2018081700
Major version: 2.4
Please review the following information before updating or upgrading.

About Updates

Updates are defined as minor version changes.  TG Desktop updates from an earlier version of 2.4.##, to the current version of TG2.4.20, were free until December 31, 2010.

Beginning January 1, 2011, TG Desktop updates are available for $199.  They include a 1-year support subscription: expedited email, phone and online support plus free TG2.4.# updates as long as the support subscription remains active.

TG LAN and TG Web (2.4.#) updates are free to customers who have an active support subscription. If your support subscription has lapsed and you wish to renew it, please contact us.

Updates may include new features, enhancements or patches.  They are released periodically, but there is no set release schedule.

Your Version and Release 

To view your current version/release, open TG to the login screen and run your cursor over the Help (?) button to display a tool tip version # and release. 


The version and release numbers can also be found under TG's Help > About Test Generator menu.

TG2.2.68 and TG2 r64

Important: We no longer support TG2 r64 - released 9.30.03, nor TG 2.2.68 - released 3.15.01.  

e strongly recommend purchasing an upgrade.  If you'd like to evaluate an upgrade, please download the latest TG release.  Install it on a machine that does not have a TG installation on it. If you are considering upgrading to TG LAN or TG Web, please contact us.

About Upgrades

Upgrades are defined as major version changes. Upgrades are not free.  Upgrading from 2.2 to 2.4, or 2.4 to 2.5 is defined as a major version change.  Upgrades alter your current installation and render your existing TG product key invalid.  A new product key is provided at purchase. Once upgraded, you will not be able to"revert" to the previous version.


Currently Supported Releases

A "release" refers to a version of one or more Test Generator products made available for download. Typically a new version of all Test Generator products is available with each release.  Learn More