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TG LAN: Test Delivery Over Your Network

TG Lan provides test creation and test-taking across a small or large computer network.  Test administrators use a Test Generator client and test takers log in and take tests on a windows-based Tester client.


What is TG LAN?

TG Lan enables various users to access TG simultaneously. A typical scenario might include a test administrator enrolling students on one computer, while an Instructor is checking test scores on another, while Students are taking a test in the computer lab.


Which version of TG Lan you choose will, in part, be defined by the number of concurrent users you estimate will be logged in to your testing system.

We define concurrency as any combinations of admin-level users or test takers, who are logged in to the testing system at any given point in time. 

TG Lan can be configured to run under MS Access or Sql.  If you anticipate having more than 20 concurrent users, then TG Lan_sql would be our recommended solution.

Who should use TG LAN

Ideal for any organization that wishes to manage their test creation and test-taking activities over a Windows LAN or WAN.  These activities can take place in a classroom setting or from multiple desktop clients spread throughout the organization.


Online Demos

Guided, online demonstrations are the best way of showcasing TG's capabilities. These scheduled sessions serve as a mini-tutorial and Q & A session. Demos are "broadcast" from our offices using web conferencing technology.

To schedule an online demo, complete the
Guided Demo Form, or contact us.

System Requirements

TG LAN has a typical server-client installation: the database resides on the server and the TG and Tester clients are installed on individual computers across the network. 

TG Lan installations vary based on which database you choose, MS Access or SQL.  Options include TG Lan (w/runtime MS Access), or a TG Lan (sql).  Assumption: customer has or will acquire their own SQL database software. We provide a sql database restore file, which contains the data schema used by Test Generator.

TG LAN installations should be implemented by a network Administrator, or someone familiar with your Network, Server, and Workstation resources.
Detailed installation instructions are available with the download.

Operating System: Windows 2000, Vista and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Hardware: Pentium PC (1 GHz or better), 4 to 8 GB or RAM.  Disk space will vary based on which TG/db installation is used.  Existing off-the-shelf Windows computers have more than adequate memory and disk storage.available to run Test Generator.


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