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TG Desktop:
Exam Creation Software

An ideal solution for the individual who's preparing for a job promotion exam, or for the trainer who just wants to create paper tests, or for the small business that only needs to test one person at a time.


What is TG Desktop?

TG Desktop enables test authors to create, give and/or print tests from a single, desktop computer.
Test takers can log in to the Tester to take a test, or the test author can print and distribute paper tests.

Who Should Use TG Desktop

Ideal for small office environments where test creation and test taking is performed on a single computer.

Class-room teachers, parents who do not have access to a networked testing evironment.  Tests can be created and given on a single computer, or printed and distributed for conventional paper-and-pencil testing.

Students or Professionals who wish to create their own tests / pop quizzes - in preparation for school exams or licensing certifications. 

Online Demos

Guided, online demonstrations are the best way of showcasing TG's capabilities. These scheduled sessions serve as a mini-tutorial and Q & A session. Demos are "broadcast" from our offices using web conferencing technology.

Online Demo
To schedule an online demo, complete the
Guided Demo Form, or contact us.

System Requirements

TG Desktop installs Test Generator, Tester, TGReports and a database on one machine. The test administrator and the test takers work on the same computer.  Detailed installation instructions are available with the download.

Operating System: Win 2000 through Win 10
Hardware: Windows PC, 2 Gig RAM or better
Disk space: 30+ MB, initial install

Note: Processor speed, memory, and disk space requirements may be significantly higher when using a large amount of data or media files. For additional questions please contact us.


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