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TG Web:
Online Testing Software

TG Web is a fully-featured, professional online testing and assessment application designed to simplify the entire process from test creation, delivery and administration to generating reports and analyzing results.


What is TG Web's web Tester?

TG Web’s web Tester is a J2EE application that provides online testing through a web browser. The web Tester can reside in a Windows or Unix environment which can be hosted by us or within your operations center.

Test Authors and Test Administrators

Create, edit and activate tests using the Test Generator (TG) admin client on their Windows desktop.Tests are activated and made available to enrolled test takers.

Test Generator Home

Test scores are stored on a central, secure, SQL database. This information is immediately available to authorized personnel (Test Administrators, Instructors/Authors) through the TG admin client via an ODBC connection.

Test Takers: Employees, Clients, Trainees, Students

Access a test, or tests, through their web browser (Inter-/Intranet). At the completion of a testing session, test results are automatically scored and stored in a central SQL database.

Software Support

Any organization that needs to assess competencies, measure outcomes and analyze risk.TG Web is in use by numerous organizations across a multitude of industries worldwide. It is an ideal online assessment solution for anyone whose testing requirements include:

  • Test creation and administration
  • Intra- or Internet test delivery
  • Security - username and passwords required
  • 24/7 test administration and delivery
  • In-house installation of TG Web, managed by in-house IT personnel, or as a
  • Turn-key setup: server/software - hosted by us
  • Immediate administrative access to report data
  • Customizable CSS
  • Customization Services
  • Integration with third-party applications


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Installation and System Requirements

TG Web installations should be implemented by a network Administrator, or someone familiar with your network, server, and workstation resources.

If you have any technical questions, please email or call us.  Detailed installation instruction and support will be provided at time of purchase.

Technical Specifications

  • Server: IIS, Tomcat, WebSphere, others
  • Windows Server 2008/up, 32 or 64 bit
  • DB: SQLServer 2000/up, MySQL 4.1/up Oracle 9i/up
  • Operating System: Win 2000, 7, 8 and 10.
  • Option: Hosted subscription: server, software provided
  • Platform: Windows or *nix
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and others
  • Clients - TG Admin clients 
  • Architecture or contact us.