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Test Generator Best Practices
A Guide to Test Generator's Print Template


This page is meant as an introduction to Test Generator's Print Template.  The entire tutorial contains more information than would comfortably fit on this screen.

We invite you to download the entire Print Template tutorial here.  If you are unable to access the tutorial from the download site, please contact us and we will be happy to email it to you.

About Print Template

Test Generator contains a feature called Print Template (PT).  It is designed so that you, the test author, can customize the display of printed tests as well as the output of test data for analysis.

Audience / Assumptions
You have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Test Generator and its operations to include how to:
• Create a course

• Create and save a test under a course

• Apply and/or modify various test properties

• Publish a test

• Log in to the Tester as a test taker and experience / evaluate a test from the test taker's perspective.  

TG Features

The following Test Generator features use some form of a  print template, examples include the Test Print Template, Messages and Email.

Here are some examples of features that support the use of  placeholders. 

Download the tutorial for more details

System > Settings > Security Agreement Tab

System > Settings > Print Template Tab

Course > Notes Tab

Test > Test Properties

* General Tab > Print Template

* Schedule Tab > Eligibility Settings > Notifications

Sample Screens

A global print template can be used and applied to all of your tests.  This same print template can be modified to fit your specific requirements.


Custom print templates can also be applied at a test level and modified as needed, per test.