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Safeguarding  Your Test Content

Secure Online Test Delivery

SecureTG is a custom browser that enables test administrators to present online testing in a locked down, "kiosk-type" environment.  By disabling various computer controls and keyboard shortcuts, SecureTG makes it more difficult for individuals to cheat, which in turn helps test authors extend the shelf-life of their tests.

SecureTG is ideal for high-stakes testing environments involving certification, promotion and graduation exams. Also, it can be used with a variety of testing audiences to include
current or prospective employees and trainees.

SecureTG is also being used by Test Generator customers that sell their testing services and certifications in niche industry markets.


  • Emergency Services
  • Healthcare
  • State and Federal Government
  • Energy: Operator Qualifiation Testing
  • Security Organizations


There are various SecureTG "flavors" that can be customized based on your requirements. 

SecureTG can be launched from a Windows desktop computer, Surface laptop or Mac computer.

SecureTG Behaviors

The resulting web screen opens in a "locked" state. Test takers cannot:

  • Access the Start button
  • Access the screens taskbar
  • Open another application
  • Select Alt + Tab key is disabled
  • Perform Copy/Paste
  • Activate Print Screen
  • Enable the navigation keys
  • Exit the secure browser screen


Proctored or non-proctored testing environments:

  • Corporate or Academic Classrooms
  • Off-site Field Offices
  • Remote Off-shore Platforms
  • Home