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Media in Test Generator


TG's Media module is a repository for everything from .jpg" to .txt files. These files can be imported and stored in folders organized under the Media module. You can organize media in one or multiple media folders by file type, subject or whatever category suits your requirements.

File Types

Some of the currently supported media types include:

  • Audio: .wav, .mid, .mp3
  • Text: .txt
  • Adobe Acrobat: .pdf
  • Graphics: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, others
  • Video

Adding Media to Questions

You can add media to any of TG's question types including TG's Point-and-Click question-type which uses static media as the answer choice.

Media links and iframes can also be added to the question and answer fields.

TG Media Tutorial

For more details please review the About Media tutorial.


Imported media can be used with any of TG’s question types. This makes it possible to use the same media file with different questions in the same test or with various questions in multiple tests located in the same, or different, courses.

Math and Scientific Notation
Using a math editor, or simply writing out an equation on a piece of paper and scanning it, test authors can create equations and other scientific notation using applications such as MathType.