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Enhancing the Test-Taking Experience

Feedback Options

When we use the term testwe are also referring to computerized, online assessments, exams, quizzes, papers or surveys.

In TG, feedback refers to a test-specific response behavior defined by the test author.  This behavior can take several forms and may be delivered before, during or after the test is submitted for grading. Feedback is optional and can be customized per test.  

Pre-test Feedback

A test taker logs in to Tester using a username and password. If the login information is incorrect or there are no tests available based on the user’s profile, Tester notifies the test taker. If there are tests the test taker is eligible to take, it displays in a Choose a Test/Survey window.

Once the test taker selects a test and clicks OK, a Security Agreement or information regarding various test properties enabled in the test may appear.

Feedback During Test 

Most feedback options are located under Test Settings > Test Properties > Options tab. 

Question-specific feedback can be enabled by the test author--preferably for items added during the creation of question banks.

Note: text feedback can also be added during the importing of questions from a .csv, .txt, .xls or .rtf file.

Feedback Settings

Feedback is not automatically enabled; the test author is given the option of enabling or disabling feedback. 

If enabled, feedback is presented to the test taker after the test taker selects an answer and clicks the navigation button to continue. 

Optionally, feedback can be enabled at the conclusion of a test, after the test taker submits their test for grading.