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About Us 

The products and services described on these web pages represents one small facet of our "About Us" story.  None of this would have been possible without the individuals whose personalities, talents and energy helped contribute to our success.

June 1988
In June of 1988, after 10 years at Emory University Hospital, Emory University, I left to start Fain and Company (FCO INC.).  Our mission at the time was to provide patient and staff education to the health care industry.  Services included video production, computer-based training, custom programming, and consultation services.  Clients included Egleston Children’s Hospital, now part of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory University, The Carter Center, Coke, Georgia Tech, et.al.

Computer Based Training
On a parallel track, Julia Ann Purcell, cardiac critical-care specialist at Emory University Hospital, teamed up with FCO to develop a series of computer-based training modules for critical-care nursing.   The product, “12-Lead ECG Interpretation”, “Basic Dysrhythmias” and “12-Lead ECG Case Studies”, were distributed by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN). 

With generous support from Hewlett Packard and the AACN, we sponsored a self-paced computer lab which featured our CBT tutorials.  Participants received CEU credit for their participation.  The content included unit tests, and every year nurse educators would request new, or modified, test content.  Customized test development was time consuming and not easily adaptable to the needs and audiences of every nurse educator/critical-care instructor.

Test Generator
We quickly recognized that the only way to keep pace with the demand was to develop a test engine that could be used by educators to develop test content that met the needs of their audiences.  Beginning in 1998, Elvis Gasparini, and other team members, began work on the development of the test engine that became Test Generator.  In 2000 we introduced Test Generator 2.0. 

The late 90’s and beginning in 2000 saw the bursting of the dot com bubble and upheavals in the health care industry that we served.  In 1999 our long-standing relationship with Egleston Children’s Hospital (now part of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta) ended.  The loss of one of our major clients and the general, cost-cutting climate in health care led to a “re-morphing” of our company.  We quickly shifted our focus from providing products and services to the health care industry to the exclusive development and support of Test Generator. 

Our product offerings and services have continued to grow thanks to the talents and creativity of team members, past and present.  We owe much to the talents and creativity of the individuals who have contributed to our growth and to the continuing loyalty and contributions from our customers.

Mary "Z" Zaharako
For all of us who knew her as a friend and colleague, we would like to acknowledge the dedication and contributions made by my dear friend and business partner, Mary Zaharko.  Mary passed away on July 6th, 2012.  We cherish her spirit and the devotion and love she gave to all of us.

David Fain