Online Testing and Assessment Software: Test Generator

Test Generator is a fully-featured, professional online test maker and assessment application designed to simplify the entire process from test creation, delivery and administration to generating reports and analyzing results.
  • Create question banks
  • Create tests from one or many question banks
  • Deliver online tests
  • Multiple choice test maker
  • Create certification exams
  • Eliminate manual grading
  • Store your test data in a central database
  • Access your test data using any of TG's 20 reports.

Testing Features

    • 90+ test behaviors
    • 11 question types
    • 6+ randomization options
    • 14 media types
    • Question banking
    • Email notification
    • Feedback
    • AD/LDAP
    • Secure browser
    • Print and scan tests

Cost Benefits

We DO NOT charge…
  • Per test—create as many tests as you wish.
  • Per tests taken—test as many times as you wish.
  • Per registered user—that’s anyone having a TG user profile in the db.
  • Per administrative-level users—you can have as many as you wish.


We DO...
  • Allow you to host TG Web on your own servers.
  • Allow you to purchase TG Web outright—eliminating the need for subscriptions.
  • Provide expedited email, phone and online support.
  • Provide customization services for TG, Tester, TG Reports and TG Options.
  • Provide customized auto-registration options.
  • Provide integration services to third-party applications.
  • Allow customers to convert subscriptions to direct purchases
  • Allow customers to move their TG Web account from our servers to theirs.