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Safeguarding  Your Test Content

Secure Online Test Delivery

SecureTG is a special version of TG Web's Tester. 

It enables organizations to deliver tests through a secure browser.
This add-on utility that locks down the testing event on an individual computer. 

Ideal in settings where you are providing high-stakes testing.  Behaviors include disabling the CTRL, ALT, ESC, Print Screen and arrow keys. The test taker can neither minimize nor close the browser window. 

We also provide customization services.

SecureTG Behaviors

There are various SecureTG "flavors" that can be customized based on your requirements.  Here are a few options. 

In proctored test environments SecureTG is installed and enabled by a proctor/test supervisor .
The resulting web screen opens in a "locked" state. Test takers cannot:

  • Access the Start button
  • Access the screens taskbar
  • Open another application
  • Select Alt + Tab key is disabled
  • Perform Copy/Paste
  • Activate Print Screen
  • Enable the navigation keys
  • Exit the secure browser screen

In non-proctored test settings:
If an organization wishes to have their off-site Test Takers log in to SecureTG and take a test, we have introduced an Active-X plug-in to enable the same/similar test behaviors in a non-proctored test environment, home or office).