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How Checkbox Questions Can Improve Your Online Test Creation

Posted by Jennie Aldridge Nov 10, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Generated tests often consist of multiple choice and essay-style questions. Generally, multiple choice questions help test the general understanding of a topic, while essay-style questions allow test takers to demonstrate the depth of their knowledge.

One type of question that is used less often, but which can be an excellent addition to a test, is the "checkbox" type question. Where multiple choice questions often allow for just one answer to be correct, checkbox questions can include several correct options. This small change allows you to use checkbox questions to interesting effect when creating tests.

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Here are a few of the ways checkbox questions can improve the exams you generate.

Create Checkbox Questions With Your Test Bank Generator to Reward Partial Knowledge

Multiple choice questions require the selection of a single answer, and do not typically reward partial knowledge. Depending on the difficulty of your multiple choice questions, test takers may find this aspect unfair. Additionally, alerting candidates to the fact that similar answers reward part marks could lead to increased reliance on guessing by test takers, as similarities in the potential answers will likely be obvious.

Checkbox questions, on the other hand, usually require multiple selections, and Test Generator makes it easy to assign part marks to answers that include only some of the correct selections. This means you can reward test takers who have some of the knowledge related to the question, without inadvertently encouraging guessing.

Checkbox Questions Made During Online Test Creation Sometimes Require More Thought

It is also possible to use checkbox questions made with your test creator software to force answerers to work harder for a correct answer.

Test Generator allows for up to 10 answers to be included with both multiple choice and checkbox questions. With multiple choice, this makes for a maximum of just 10 possible answers for a test taker to choose from. With checkbox questions, this translates to a far greater number of combinations of answers, of which only one is correct.

Rather than simply eliminating all but one answer, as is done with multiple choice, test takers will need to carefully consider all possibilities when choosing their combination of answers. If you do not allow part marks, the challenge posed by a checkbox question can be a more difficult task.

Other Scoring Methods Allow Checkbox Questions to Discourage Guesswork

By assigning positive marks to correct selections and negative marks to incorrect selections, you can use checkbox questions during online test creation to discourage guessing.

A common choice is to assign correct selections 2 points, a negative selection -1 point, and non-selections no points at all. A test taker who selects only correct answers will receive all possible marks for the question. In a situation where there are an equal number of correct and incorrect selections, selecting all choices would result in a score of zero—the same as not selecting any at all. And those who guess only or mostly incorrect answers could end up with a negative score.

While there is some criticism that this kind of marking choice puts extra stress on test takers, it is nonetheless an effective way to discourage guesswork. If avoiding guessing is a concern of yours when building your exams, consider implementing this kind of scoring.

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